El Pajaro Enjaulado Siente

By Sandra Martinez Gelatin Silver Print Photo Series, 2018-2019 "Listen to the Cries"   "My Parents Were Taken"   "Silencio!"   "El Pajaro Enjaulado Siente"   "Mirame"   "Devuelveme La Vida"   "Don't Tell Me How to Feel"   "The Warriors Will"


by Bri Watts   I placed my feet on the couch, right ankle over left - second toe longer than the first, skinny and stretched, smelling slightly of vinegar. my hands beneath my head, elbows pointing in opposite directions, hair connecting my arms and shoulders, breasts quarrelling, fighting to get as far away from one … Continue reading Well


by Bri Watts It almost seemed like they were standing in peaceful protest: bare, interminable, still, between white packed snow and the faint color of black mountains and mostly blue sky, a sigh of red; expecting to be set on fire - with ease as eucalyptus trees are adapted to survive, thrive, in heat, in … Continue reading US

Bird View

by Bri Watts Why they don’t wonder what they look like from the sky? How come all they do is work still? Where they learn ta’ steal from? Why they don’t carry each other? How come they heavy? Why they don’t sing like we used to? How come they can’t fly? Why they can’t hear … Continue reading Bird View


by Jasmin Jenkins excerpt of a work in progress   London, England July 19, 1339 The Queen glared at her former lady-in-waiting. “Please don’t curse my family!” The former Lady Senia begged the Queen. “Why should I listen to you?” The Queen hissed. “Why, when you have betrayed me?” “Because whether I have betrayed you … Continue reading Redeemed