Bird View

by Bri Watts

Why they don’t wonder what they look like
from the sky? How come all they do is work
still? Where they learn ta’ steal from? Why
they don’t carry each other? How come they heavy?
Why they don’t sing like we used to? How come
they can’t fly? Why they can’t hear us no mo’?
Why they live in holes? Why they ain’t never been
to heaven? How come they don’t let they young free?
Why they eat each other? How come they don’t know
direction? Why they ain’t friends with time? How come
they don’t wake up with the sun? Why they scared
a’ naked? Why they can’t survive without cages?
How come they watch us like that? How come
they don’t feel the blood coiling in the soil?
How come they forgot the word? Don’t they know
us got tired a’ walking, so took up in flight?
Don’t they know we fly?

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