By: Opeyemi Majiyagbe ‘25

Sleep is the only time I feel at rest 

The only time my heart beats normally  

Instead of its usual discharged beat 

The only time my eyes close 

Without reopening overfilled with tears 

Sleep is the only time I feel at peace 

The only time my mind is at ease 

And not overflowing with crude voices 

The only time where my smiles are real 

And not forced artificial phonies 

When I sleep it’s the only time, I feel alive 

My heart exploding with an intense amount of serenity 

My dreams filled with joyful sun filled experiences 

Then I awaken back to my lifeless reality 

Where my life is as dark as my pain-stricken heart 

And I began to think to myself 

How great life would be if I could sleep forever 

Never again returning to this hell 

Never again shedding another tear caused by tragedy 

Never again feeling the burn caused by the pain beneath my scars 

Never again waking up.

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