Drunken by Grief

Brianna Nelson

The night you didn’t answer, the river rose

The water was deep and foggy,

Just like my mind was when I thought I had lost you.

The current was strong,

Just like my faith in you was…

that you would be okay

But you are not okay

This is not okay


The water may seem normal-

Still and brown

But when you look closer

It is swollen

And you have fallen into it

Your once strong body-

Is now too weak to fight the underlying currents

Consumed by the liquid you compulsively downed

And now your face is as swollen as the river that stormy night

And I am left to grieve by the banks of the river

Adding to its volume


But now the storm is over, and the water is clear

And when the next storm hits

I weep again

Because I have to relive the pain I was in-

When the river took you away.

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