Sisters of Eve and Brothers of Adam

By: Viktoria Pierre

Sisters of Eve and brothers of Adam are what we are presumed to be 

Yet you act as if you had a different start than me

The blood in my veins is the same 

yet you ridicule me

We started small hoping our minds can one day grow 

yet some of our minds stay so small

The only difference we have is the melanin I was lucky enough to receive

Yet you taunt me because my beauty isn’t just skin deep

You yell hate and you have beat your brothers and sisters of Eve 

Yet you copy and steal our culture to be adapted to you 

The only real difference between you and me, brother or sister of Eve, is that I was made different with the culture and beauty you wished you received

So why must you throw hate at me 

Yet all I have done is have a stronger history 

So, tell me brothers and sisters of Eve, why do you hate me?

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